Cellar Cooling

Great Prices on J & E Hall JCC Range of Cellar Cooling Equipment

We offer a full range of Cellar Cooling Equipment from leading manufacturers. We also offer a Design & Install service to ensure that the equiopment is correct for your application.

Our Service Team is able to offer maintenance and repairs to all makes of equipment.

We are currently able to offer very competitive installed prices on the J & E Hall Range of Cellar Cooling systems which will cater for all sizes of Cellar, above or below ground.

The information below will give you a good idea of the size required, then simply call or contact us via our contact page and we will be pleased to give you a really keen price on this range.

Quick Selection Guide…  


 Above ground

Below ground


max. room m3

max. room m3

 JCC2 25E/J5LC15C



 JCC2 40E/J5LC20C



 JCC2 50E/J5LC25C



 JCC2 60E/J5LC28C




Based on typical UK  cellar construction.  32°C ambient (21°C for below ground); 12.7°C db / 10°C wb.  Max product load of 16 l/m3 entering room at max temp of 21°C.  Product cooling time 24hrs plant running time of 18hrs a day

To calculate the volume of your Cellar, simple multiply the Lenght x Width x Height (mtrs) or call us and we will be please confirm the size required.